Monday, June 14, 2010

Installation guide for The Sims 3 : Ambition (PC) - ViTALiTY

On my previous Installation guide post ; 
it does not includes the installation for The Sims 3 latest expansion on The Sims 3 : Ambitions.
Thus would write a short and simple guide here 
to assist those who are really clueless.

To those who haven't install The Sims 3 base game or the other expansions pack ;
Please refer to this link here

Installation of the Sims 3




Files that you'll need to have ;

i. The Expansion of The Sims 3 : Ambition itself. (link)
ii. The Latest patches for the other expansions pack which is already installed.
[Only download the patches only if you have the expansion pack]
The Sims 3 : World Adventures Update v 2.7.7
The Sims 3 - High End Loft Stuff  Update v 3.3.11
iii. The base game itself installed.


1. Install the Sims 3 Ambition and allow the installer to update your base game.
2. Install the patches for World Adventures and also the High End Loft Stuff expansion.
3. Find a NO-CD fix for The Sims 3 : Ambition
[Usually you'll only have to crack The Sims 3: Ambition]

4. Play the game by running TS3EP02.exe from the game folder.


Please write back to me in the comment section and tell me if it works or parts which you guys doesn't understand.

Thank you.

I do not take the credits/responsibility for the files mentioned or linked from here.

Updates 5/11/10

I will no longer provide latest guides for this game anymore.
Everything is rather similar , patch , crack and backing up your original executable files ; steps and all.
Hopefully i could help you guys to learn how and help you to proceed with the later versions


  1. Um. Can you put a link to some the NO-CD fixes? That would be really great.
    Altough this tutorial was helpful.

  2. The No-CD fixes link for Ambition is in the guide itself ; you'll only need to crack Ambition to play the game.

  3. Thank you so much Joseph! I followed everything by you step by step and all the patching, etc went perfectly. I really hope these other people will show you alot of gratitude because you are the only person that even bothered to go within detials and provided sources (links) for your guide.

    Once again thank you so much! You are very kind :)

    - Tia

  4. "1. Install the Sims 3 Ambition and allow the installer to update your base game."

    Do you mean I have to install the EA Download Manager this time and let it update my game?

  5. So I have to install the EA Download manager and let it update my game?

  6. Is the "High end lot stuff" really required ,or could i just install Ambitions after World Adventures?


  7. Do not install the EA download manager.

    and High End Loft Stuff is not needed.

  8. It worked perfectly thank you.
    I've also used your other guide (Before ambitions came out) and it worked 100% too so thumbs to you mate!

    P.S Sorry for my bad english since my language of origin is not english.. Oh yeah keep up the good work!

  9. ermmmm what do you do if you did install the EA download manager?

  10. what am I doing wrong?
    it keeps saying that it can't verify that my disc is valid.

  11. Are you sure you're running the game from the crack file ?

  12. Hi Joseph,
    The 2.7 patch could not be installed due to an error('invalid file found'),but the game runs perfectly with the 2.33 version of World Adventures.
    Huge THANKS to you for the great guide (:

  13. Hai, i have patch ver 1.11 and 1.12 should i install it like others or what to do? and how about ver 1.6 create world? thank you. Btw, right now i'm trying to instal like u said. i will tell you it works or not. thank you

  14. Hey Joseph, I am having a problem with the crack, When I try to run TS3EP02.exe, I get the message, "Unable to Start Game, Service initialization failed.(0x0175dcbb)" Can you help out? Thanks

  15. Joseph, can I install sims 3 ambitions vitality with the original sims 3 that I bought ? because when I ran setup it said : setup has detected that the sims 3 is corrupt or not propely installed. what should I do ? Thanks

  16. Hi Joseph,
    I'm also having the problem with the 2.7 patch, it says: could not be installed due to an error'invalid file found'


  17. "the setup has detected that no version of the sims 3 loft is installed" "requires the previous version"

    why eh?

  18. @ Jo. Hey i did managed to update everything and stuff.. till i got Ambition installed.
    my base the sims3 version was 1.825. After installed AMbition and got my updates updated. i cracked.
    when i pressed TS02.exe from the sims ambition file. It said my expansion version isnt compatitable with my base sims?
    WHY??? :(

  19. I need a help, that my sims 3 ambition that i installed from ViTaLiTy,when i was gonna play it, it says,"No game disc was found,Please insert the sims 3 Ambitions game disc before proceeding".
    so,what should i do??

  20. I've noticed the launcher doesn't work so I can't use my old downloads. Anyway to install them to the game?

  21. I'm above. I've found a program that'll install it for me.

    Thanks for the guide! One problem I have had though is that my game crashes alot.

  22. the same problem with the 2.7 patch. if somebody knows what to do,please,help us!

  23. Please help me. I have the base sims3 already installed (it works, I have played it). Now I have tried to install the The sims3 Ambitions, but it won't let me, it says that "setup has detected that the sims 3 is corrupt or not propely installed". What should I do?

  24. how do i crack the sims 3 ambition? help, please! By the way, i'm nikka from philippines. :)

  25. About the problem of Sims 3 base game is corrupted. Please check whether your base game version is Razor's version and remove every custom items before your installation.
    It's best to consider re-installation of the game or if you're not using Razor's version ; advised to re-download. Just backup your savegames if you don't want to lose it.

    OKay , problems regarding 2.7 patch. Actually I'm not too sure about that problem because so far I've never encounter it at all.
    Anyhow , do check ;
    a) Whether the region of your game is the same with the patch. ( if not , search for the correct one at ).
    b) Make sure you do not crack before you patch the game.

    For those who couldn't start the game due to no disc found.
    Please crack your game , and run the game from the TS3EP02.exe file and not the launcher.
    Google if you don't know how to crack ; it's just a copy and paste process.

    Sorry If it took a long time waiting for my reply that may or may not help. Cause I'm pretty busy with my Uni life these days.

    Thank you,

  26. hi joseph
    do i need to install WA before high end loft stuff and before ambitions?
    i cracked the base game, and it worked fine (razor version). i then installed ambitions, and patched it and cracked it again. it tells me my base game is not compatible with the ambitions expansion.

    what am i doing wrong here...?
    TIA (:

  27. Tia,

    Do check whether your base game is patched to the required version needed to run the Ambition Expansion. and can I know what Ambition version are you using ? SO far I'm using Vitality's version and there's no problem at all for me.

    you too can refer to this site , but it's for the official one ; so maybe you could get the idea why it's not working.

  28. My ambitions was, and i patched it to version then copied and paste the crack to replace the original
    i can't remember if i got my patch from vitality.. but the patch itself installed fine...just couldn't run the game..i even checked skuversion and it does have 4.2.32 as the current version
    i was thinking, does it have to do with me cracking my base game? should i install everything before cracking ambitions only?

    thanks for the site, but it didn't relate to my problem..i downloaded the base game and ambitions as well, and i uninstalled EADM..still couldn't solve my problem

  29. Maybe you could give it a try by reinstalling.
    DO a clean installation of the base game and patch it to the correct version and do not crack the game until you've done installing everything ( which includes the Ambition and it's patch ).

    Please take note that you shouldn't install the EADM , and don't run the game from the Launcher.

    Are you using Vitality's version of Ambition ?

    You are only needed to crack the Ambition ; and run from its respective .exe file. ( not the launcher ).

    Make sure your base game and the other expansions are up to date too. Patch it to the required version.

  30. ok joseph. i've done a clean uninstalling from my laptop and i'll download WA and HELS first (i haven't yet downloaded takes a freaking 10 gb for both man). i'll then patch everything first AND THEN i'll crack ambitions ONLY and run the .exe file. sounds good to you?

    and yes, i am using vitality's version
    got it from this link

    i'll let you know how i go. cheers!

  31. hi,
    pls help!!after i install my the sims 3 ambitions,when i press to play it,i occurs tis 'service inilization failed'so what can i do for it?

  32. joseph! i got my sims 3 to work at last, thanks to your guide! i followed it carefully, and it really worked :) thank you!
    ps: i can't download riverview because u need to be a member to login and view their things. ah well, it's alright :)


  33. Anonymous

    what do you mean by WA? is it Create a World tools?

  34. Hey men! Uh I'm wondering, uh does the sims3 adventure needs to be installed? :o I mean is it required to have an adventure in order to install the sims ambitions? :0 thanks men! this is awesome.

  35. Hi guys....I have problem when play TS3 late Nite and after update into patch 1.17. But now problem solved....

    1.For Unable to start game. Service initialization failed (0x039e8474) problem;

    It's because problem with your file.When your install TS3 setup and "CRC error:Corrupted file" Something like that pop-up you need another fresh copy of installer. Maybe your Fullbuild1.package file is corrupted or Fullbuild2.package file.

    2.For Unable to start game. Service initialization failed (0x0175dcbb) problem;

    Usually occur after your patch/update your TS3.
    First, install your TS3 setup. After the installation is finish don't replace any file/Copy& paste your crack. It will cause your patch didn't update all your file. Patch is successful when it give option you no restart your computer or not.Lastly, you can copy&paste your crack in game/bin after update setup is finish.......

    Hope this will help you all :)

  36. hello...
    when im downloading the expansion pack it says that i have to update my main game(the sims 3)when i click yes it says error with the update...what will i do to update it


  37. Lag issue:-
    I downloaded sims 3 and all the subsequent expansions. It worked perfectly smoothly until (i think) I installed riverview pack. Now, the game lags at regular intervals. I uninstalled the the riverview pack but the problem persists. What do I do?

  38. hey you guys!

    i have all the games in TS3 installed and running BG is an original copy, WA and LN are pirated copies and Ambitions was downloaded from BG is patched to the lates 1.18, but my EPs are only patched at retail version...

    my question is, can i patch LN to the latest version? or will that make the game unplayable because i have seen a few posts that said to not update Ambitions (or does that apply to other EPs as well?)

  39. hi im having issue about sims 3 ambition asking for cd..any hint...
    the vitality steps are done correctly but still can't play the game.

  40. I don't understand how to crack the game? I do have the vitality folder

  41. I've installed it, and added the crack in the game/bin folder of the ambitions folder, but when I try to play the game, it still asks me to insert the CD. Did I do something wrong?

  42. pls give a guide 4 other new ep lyk late night, generations, medieval etc.....pls i want d game upto 2 date.......

  43. hi joseph .i have a do you know what updates you need for a new expansion or stuff pack ? elena

  44. I'm also facing problem with the crack. I have my base game, WA, HEL and Ambition updated to the latest patch. All versions have been cracked already. When I tried to open Ambition from the TS3EP02.exe file, it says disc verification failure.

    Any help with this?

  45. i didn't download ea... i click the update and after updating it says failed to update cannot run set up... then it closes.

  46. I get an error saying: This product requires The Sims 3 to be installed but it is. I've no clue how to fix this.

  47. When you say 'Burn the Image file', What do you mean? Sorry Im a complete noob here ><

  48. Hey ive got so far as to mount the image but im clueless as to how to actually install the game?

  49. i have sims 3 cracked (base game) and i have downloaded sims ambition what shall i do .Do i need to update sims 3 base game .

    please reply

  50. Yes , you need to update ur base game to the version which supports Sims Ambition.

  51. Very, very, very, very and very THANKS Joseph!! You helped me! I am now happy and I will play! You are cool. ;)) Yo!

  52. how about the sims 3 generations help :(

  53. ya know i am unablee to play sims 3 ambitions as when start the game and open a new game a video runs and after that it brings me back to the desktop also the game is closed (not minimised)

    please help ! sos

  54. Hi, i'm having a problem in installing the ambitions pack to a patched sims 3 base game with world adventure pack.. when i started installing the ambitions, it says 'the setup will attempt to update'(this one works fine), bu then it get stuck in the 'gamedata...' when i go to the laucher, it says 'this version is incompatible with the game..
    there's an installation step included with the cd..
    1. install the sims 3 (do not crack)
    2. install update from crack folder
    3. unzip the sims 3 WA
    4. install the sims 3 WA
    5. copy crack
    6. play

    So, cud u help me with this.. perhaps mybe u cud tell me when shud i install the ambition pack.

  55. i can't install ts3 ambition bcause it say the sims 3 unable to update..i have the WA n loft stuff already instal...


  57. I have installed ambitions, but when i go to play it it only loads the base game, and there is no sign of the expansion pack anywhere! Even when I try to load it through the game folder it still only run the sims 3. HElp!

  58. My sims3 base game and WA are original games(bought),my question is how do i get the ambitions cracked version to work?Ive installed ambitions,cracked it and updated base game to the latest patch.Everything is fine untill i get to the screen where i choose what family to play,i get an error saying i need to insert the ambitions disk,but i have it mounted on daemons.This is probably an easy fix, any help would be greatly apreciated..ty.

  59. @jessikaholmes The shortcut which u used is of The Sims Ambition ? Trying running from the program folder itself. and remember to crack the game.

    @Anonymous Note that when you have original base games ; you'll probably still be having the EA download manager , and this might the culprit for you to be unable to crack the Ambitions as the game get patched. Try re-installing without the EA download manager.

  60. Joseph ur a life saver bro!I knew it would be a simple fix,just didnt know what!Ive been using torrents for years and when it comes to the sims 3 its always a load of trouble.Never seen a game with soooo may problems.I just hope EA is a shamed of their product and when they decide to launch sims4 their up to speed!Ty again Jo!

  61. Hello there Joseph, this is Alan. My Sims 3 seem
    to not be able to update properly. Each time im done updating and putting the crack. My game launcher cannot open and when i try to open the game using TS3.exe i keep getting an error b4 the game even starts up.Btw, r u frm Malaysia?

  62. Hi Alan,

    Do note that you shouldn't be running the launcher at all. Try a clean reinstall ; and patch the game through the patches that you can download from

    Download and crack your game ; then run directly through TS3.exe

    Would like to emphasize again that you shouldn't run the launcher at all , not even once.

  63. Hi, Joseph Chan

    I have already download and install the sim 3 and also High End Loft Stuff but i cant install The Sim 3 Ambition .. can i know why ? when i click the installation client it came out " The Sim 3 need to be updated before dis product can be install " and i click Yes , awhile more it came out " Update of The Sim 3 Failed,Setup unable to continue ." Can i know what is the Probelm ? Thank You ..

  64. Hi

    I want to know if I install sims 3 and update it and then apply a crack for that specific version that i updated to, will it still work?

  65. How can I tell which patch to use when installing Late Night? Or any of the expansions, for that matter.

  66. uhm ! yah so i have the sim3 generations expansion pack and it keeps saying this requires an installed copy ofthe sims 3 any help would be appreciated i really wanna play this game.oh!I HAVE NO SYTEMS so it would really help me if i had something going and working i mean the expansion pack already costs about 4.00$ and i' don't wanna pay for another sims 3 when i already have it!THE SIMS 3 COSTS 30 DOLLARS!crazy worl :{

  67. Actually you should check the game properly before you buy , The Sims expansion is for the base game and it wouldn't work if you don't have the base game.

    Frankly , I presume that you bought the original expansion pack ? I'd recommend that you buy the original base game as well ; It's a great game btw.

    Unless you would want to resort to piracy ; i think you could search for various sources on where to download the Sims 3.

  68. Hi so I know you said you won't put installation guides for the rest of the expansions (i.e generations) but do you know if i need to download patches for generations?


  69. hey joseph if i do not want to download world adventures, then i do not have to download the patch right?

  70. thanks for everything !! ^__^

  71. hi..i've just installed the sims 3 from cd. and i also installed the sims 3 ambitions. can anyone teach me how to crack?thanks a lot..:)

  72. so, my game has to be updated first? O.o

  73. I did it so far, thanks to you! You're awesome.
    Too bad I can't continue on my own... I mean, I could, I just don't know how far every expansion must be patched for instalation of the next expansion in order, you know... I've searched for information about that but there isn't any.

  74. I want to ask something. I've cracked my Sims 3 base game and I just want to install Sims 3 Ambitions? Do I need to patch it also. Thanks!

  75. Hi i want to ask,when i want install sim3 ambition,it need to update?

  76. Joseph, i have bought the sim3 base game, outdoor living, townlife and seasons.
    can u tell me what is the step to install?
    firstly, install the sims 3 base game, after that should i crack? or install all then crack? which folder should i crack and which crack should i use. tq

  77. Joseph, i had install the sims 3 base game, the sims seasons, outdoor living stuff and town life stuff. i didnt apply any crack and i just use the sims 3 seasons crack folder to cracked the folder in seasons game/bin. after open game, it was "Disc authorization failure". what should i do to fix this problem?

  78. Hi Joseph..

    when Im about to play the sims 3, it said that "unable to start game. service initialization failed (0x0175dcbb)".. how to solve it?

  79. 2014 and i'm still using this guide whenever i install sims 3 on any computer, all the way until the last part, after which i start installing eps/stuff packs in order of release date. :)